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Driving Success with Salesforce

Unlocking the Potential of CRM

Salesforce, the undisputed leader in the CRM space, enables businesses to excel by harnessing the power of Customer Relationship Management. CRM plays a pivotal role in driving success, efficiency, and growth by enabling organizations to efficiently manage customer interactions, streamline processes, and elevate overall customer satisfaction. By consolidating customer data and tracking interactions, businesses gain actionable insights, make informed decisions, deliver personalized experiences, and cultivate long-lasting customer relationships. Leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of Salesforce as a robust CRM solution empowers businesses of all sizes to enhance productivity, profitability, and operational efficiency.

Driving Business Success

Customized Salesforce CRM Solutions

At Valenta, we recognize that businesses thrive when they have CRM solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our Salesforce Consulting services embody this philosophy, going beyond the standard approach to deliver customized Salesforce solutions that drive success. Working closely with organizations across the US, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your goals, objectives, and pain points. Through a rigorous discovery process and leveraging our extensive expertise in Salesforce and CRM, we develop personalized Salesforce solutions that address your unique requirements. Whether it involves crafting a Salesforce strategy, designing a robust framework, integrating third-party applications, or providing ongoing support, our dedicated Salesforce Consulting team is committed to assisting you every step of the way. With our unparalleled expertise, we ensure seamless alignment between your CRM solutions and your business processes, enabling you to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Salesforce Consulting from Valenta in Europe

Unleashing Business Potential with Salesforce Consulting

For businesses in Europe, investing in Salesforce consulting is a strategic move that can unlock immense value. At Valenta, we take great pride in our deep expertise in Salesforce and are committed to delivering exceptional Salesforce consulting services. Our unwavering passion for CRM and ERP drives us to constantly explore the best technology solutions in these areas. Salesforce, being the market leader in CRM, offers unrivaled capabilities. As Salesforce technology professionals, we work closely with organizations throughout their CRM journey, providing comprehensive support from inception to production. Our team of Salesforce-certified consultants and managing partners collaborate closely with clients, offering valuable insights and recommendations to drive high-quality and transformative CRM implementations.

Whether it’s CRM strategy development, implementation, customization, or post-implementation support, our Salesforce consulting team ensures a seamless and successful CRM transformation, resulting in increased productivity, enhanced profitability, and improved customer satisfaction. Valenta understands the significance of tailoring CRM solutions to meet specific business needs. By leveraging Valenta’s Salesforce consulting services, European organizations can unlock the true potential of their CRM implementations, foster stronger customer relationships, and achieve sustainable growth. With managing partners located in cities across Europe, we offer localized support and expertise to cater to diverse business environments. By partnering with Valenta, European businesses can leverage our extensive Salesforce knowledge and experience to optimize their CRM implementations and drive exceptional results. Reach out to one of our partners today to discuss your CRM and Salesforce requirements and embark on a transformative CRM journey with Valenta.

Our Salesforce Practice is split into the following verticals:

salesforce consulting

Salesforce Consulting

Many organizations wish to go with a technology first approach, however, finding the right product and building that perfect Salesforce solution requires expertise and domain know-how which Valenta possesses. Valenta’s Salesforce Consulting is not a standalone practice. It is supported by professionals from Automation, AI, IoT, Process Consulting and seasoned Salesforce Consultants and specialists who come together to create customized Salesforce solutions that are built to last.

customize your salesforce

Salesforce Customization

Every product or application in the market requires customization. Without customization, a vendor’s software is just plain vanilla solution that cannot meet a business or organizations specific requirements. No software solution has been built to be 100% plug and play without customization, despite some vendors assertions. Valenta’s team of Salesforce Consultants and developers thoroughly understand the Salesforce complexities involved in customization and this varies based on industry and domain. Our approach, process and our Salesforce customization considers all the complex Salesforce factors a business must consider including scalability.

salesforce tools integration

Salesforce Integration

Integrations of various business software tools play a vital role in every organization today. Every forward-thinking organization believes in providing transparency, openness and seeks to provide clients and employees with a single unified platform or dashboard where they can view their business performance in one location. Most organizations work on multiple applications for different business functions and often frequently even have standalone Automation, AI and Business Intelligence Tools. Integrating all these applications becomes very important all for Management but also for Functional Heads. Valenta’s Salesforce Integration Consultants can integrate Salesforce Apps, Salesforce projects and any other Third-Party applications with core Salesforce Platform Products.


salesforce development

Salesforce Development

Valenta’s Salesforce Consulting and development team consists of seasoned Salesforce Consultants and Developers who have worked on hundreds of Salesforce implementation projects over the years. This Salesforce Consulting experience allows Valenta to go above and beyond and create customized Salesforce solutions that allows Organizations to scale. Our team of Salesforce Consultants and Developers work closely with Valenta’s Design Team, Process Consultants, Domain Experts, Automation and AI Team and are therefore able to add great value each Salesforce project they work on.

salesforce maintenance

Salesforce Implementation & Maintenance

The proof is in the pudding and lays with the Valenta implementation team. Valenta’s Salesforce Implementation Consultants have implemented hundreds of complex Salesforce consulting and implementation projects and understand how important this final phase is. Even the most documented Processes and Solution Designs, User Acceptance Testing to Go-Live can provide unforeseen challenges. Given Valenta’s Global Pool of Talent, Internal Capability, Industry and Domain expertise, the Valenta’s Salesforce Consulting Service team can handle any complex implementation as well as on-going Salesforce project maintenance.

Some of our Salesforce Consulting and Development work includes

salesforce implementation in health practice

Healthcare Practice

  • Design the Salesforce Implementation plan for custom development including UI/UX
  • Data Migration
  • Salesforce Configuration - Set up Roles, Profiles, Users, Person Account etc
  • Opportunity and Quote Management
  • Salesforce Lightning Scheduler Implementation
  • Salesforce Lightning Web Component Development
  • Salesforce System Integration
  • Zapier Integration through for Xero (Accounting Software)
  • Outbound messages through Podium Integration (Messaging Software)
  • Custom Rest API Integration for Deputy (Employee Scheduling and timesheet software)
  • App Exchange Implementation (Rio for Inventory Management)
  • Customer Community Development for Patients of the Dental Practice
salesforce in hr management

HR Contractor Management System

  • Design the Salesforce Implementation plan for custom development including UI/UX
  • Salesforce Lightning Web Development for Customer Community/Internal Salesforce Users
  • Salesforce Customer Community Development
  • Conga Composer
salesforce implementation in fintech


  • Enable system adoption through effective training and orientation of Salesforce
  • Enhance Salesforce efficiency in operations as a result of expert training
  • Identify possible enhancements and automations in Salesforce system which are later introduced in the system
  • Define Salesforce training user groups and the training calendar and broad training outline
  • Develop curated training content, which is relevant, and customized to meet training objectives and can serve as a knowledge repository in the future
  • Ensure effective delivery of training sessions to orient the required personnel using appropriate tools and aids and references
  • Include a process mapping exercise s also explained in the Salesforce training sessions to understand the nature and points of information capture in the system
  • Identify improvements in routine Salesforce operations that can be enhanced using automation and enhancements in the system

Our Salesforce expertise covers the following

  • Experience Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Education Cloud
  • B2B Commerce
  • B2C Commerce
  • Customer 360 Platform
  • Einstein
  • Pardot
  • Integrations
  • Analytics
  • and many more....

How we add value?

Our Salesforce Consultants and Specialists deliver significant value to our clients by the reducing cost of operations, helping them attain world class cost structures, and implement effective controls. We standardize all process with a high degree of Automation and AI.

We have a comprehensive and integrated Salesforce service capabilities. We augment our capabilities by continuously investing in building AI and ML expertise through:

  • Continuous investment in Salesforce Automation and AI Technologies
  • Create Standard Salesforce Operating Procedures for each of our clients
  • Provide clients with a Real Time Salesforce Visibility Platforms
  • A Dedicated Salesforce Training Academy, which focuses on increasing domain expertise

Valenta Salesforce Pricing Packages:

Salesforce Consulting Starting

Junior Salesforce Developers

(1-2 years of Experience)

Mid-Level Salesforce Developers

(3-4 years of Experience)

Senior Salesforce Developers

(5+ years of Experience)

Junior Salesforce Administrators

(1-2 years of Experience)

Mid-Level Salesforce Administrators

(3-4 years of Experience)

Senior Salesforce Administrators

(5+ years of Experience)

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