Digital Transformation


Valenta recognizes the significant role that AI and Machine Learning play in the realm of Digital Transformation. As a trusted provider of managed services and consulting expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions to help businesses embrace and capitalize on these technologies. Our core specialization lies in delivering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a service, enabling organizations to streamline their operations and drive efficiency. Furthermore, we provide a range of solutions, including Conversational AI, Hyper Automation, Intelligent Document Processing, Managed Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Process and Task Mining, and Test Automation. These services can be accessed as standalone offerings or through our consulting engagements, ensuring that businesses have the flexibility to choose the most suitable approach for their digital transformation journey.

Valenta recognizes the significance of digital transformation for businesses and the need for comprehensive support throughout the journey. Through our digital transformation managed services, we provide companies with the agility and capabilities to undertake projects swiftly. By assuming responsibility for the operation and maintenance of AI and ML services, we ensure seamless execution and efficient outcomes, freeing up resources for businesses to concentrate on their strategic goals. Additionally, our consulting services deliver expert insights and personalized recommendations, empowering clients to make informed decisions that drive successful digital transformation initiatives.

Valenta’s extensive presence spans the globe, with Managing Partners and consultants strategically stationed in multiple cities and countries in Europe. In addition to our local experts, we leverage the capabilities of nearshore and offshore staff members, ensuring a well-rounded and cost-effective service delivery model. If you are in need of specialized support in AI, ML, and digital transformation, we encourage you to delve into the comprehensive service offerings detailed on this page. Feel free to reach out to us at any time to discuss your specific needs and explore how Valenta can assist you in achieving your digital transformation goals.


Conversational AI

Conversational AI is technology that has evolved over time and has allowed Bots to provide human-like interactions. Conversational Bots use large volumes of data, machine learning and natural language processing to mimic human interactions by recognizing a user’s speech or text patterns.Conversational AI is revolutionizing



Hyperautomation brings together Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to deliver automated outcomes, with superior efficiency. This technology has the ability to automate highly complex activities, starting with RPA and then expanding with AI. 


Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing or IDP is AI-powered technology that combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. IDP is a solution that scans, reads, extracts, categorizes, and organizes various document types such as papers, PDFs, Word Docs, Spreadsheets etc.Every organization


Managed Data Analytics

Organizations today process more data than ever before but are unable to use this data to make more informed or data driven decisions. Valenta’s experts in Data and Analytics can assist organizations transform their Data into opportunities and revenue streams.As more Businesses Migrate to the Cloud, the opportunity to tap data from various

Process and Task Mining

Process mining is one of the latest Digital Transformation technologies that compliments Robotic Process Automation extremely well. Organizations have always known what functions they could Automate within respective departments purely based on volumes and the repetitive nature of the

Robotic Process Automation

Automation is certainly changing how most companies operate but it has not been able to go beyond a point-based solution. Most companies including the large organizations with sophisticated in-house teams are unable to deploy Automation across the organization. The cost benefits too are not justified in most


Test Automation

With over 500 million Apps predicted to be built by 2040, the need for Test Automation is greater than ever. Every application that enters the Market needs to go through rigorous testing to ensure the software delivers in the real world. Up until recently, Manual Testing was the most preferred