Medical & Dental RCM


Medical & Dental Billing SVCS

We begin each relationship by understanding our customer’s needs. Open communication and transparency are at every stage of the partnership.

EMR & EHR Software

The Quality Payment Program makes Medicare better by helping you focus on care quality and the one thing that matters most – making patients healthier.

Creative Collection Solutions

You typically file tracers and make phone calls to the insurance companies but, unfortunately, receive marginal response.

Electronic Funds Transfer

The waiting room is overflowing with patients, but so are your overdue receivables. More than 30 percent of Americans don’t have health insurance.

MD Audit Shield - RAC

The federal government has recently implemented the “Recovery Audit Contract (RAC),” a new control process intended to weed out the large volume of fraudulent medical claims.

CodeMAXX Services

In addition, medical offices need to consider CodeMAXX, a new service that manages your medical coding in accordance with the national standards (ICD-9CM, CPT, CMS and HCPCS).

Physician Credentialing

We are here to ensure that your office obtains its credentials accurately and on time. We have the experience and knowledge you need to get through the process with the least headache and amount of worry.

Patient Well-Care Services

As a well-care service provider, we manage your outreach program to help maintain communications with your patients. We provide a great public relations service designed to increase patient loyalty and promote referrals.

Patient Custom Wellness Program

According to former Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, Tommy Thompson, 93% of healthcare is spent on sickness and disease.

Patient Assessment

The psychological instruments provided by the P.A.S program have the purpose of providing timely identification of depression, social isolation, PTSD and suicide ideation.

Transcription Services

We provide medical transcription & data entry services to diverse healthcare providers – individual physicians, nursing homes, small and large hospitals.

Document Management

Most doctors usually have a warehouse full of old medical records that are costing them money to keep stored. We scan these documents and store them on digital media for our clients to access and retrieve easily at any time.

Remote Data Backup & Recovery

Our Remote Backup System works like regular data backup software, with one important difference: Instead of sending backups to a tape drive or other media attached to the computer.

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