Case Study – Renewable Energy

Case Study – Renewable Energy

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Client Profile

Organization operating in the renewable energy space providing solar panels for installation in commercial and residential properties

Key Highlights

  • Industry - Renewable Energy
  • Project Duration - Three months

Scope of work

  • Enhancement of Zoho CRM
  • Integration of Zoho CRM and Forms
  • Development of Deed of Purchase

Service Offering

  • Digital Transformation - Enhancement of Zoho suite of operations for an enhanced customer experience during onboarding

Challenges / Requirements

  • Enhance the user experience at the time of customer onboarding
  • Development of key forms within Zoho CRMfor residential and commercial projects
  • Automate the information gathering process , thereby reducing the volume manual entry by Field Sales personnel
  • Development of Deed Of Purchase within the Zoho suite confirming the transaction with the Client

Our Solutions & offerings

Conducted a process walkthrough to gain an understanding of the customer lifecycle and the various points of information capture

Developed the forms in Zoho Forms across all stages of the customer interaction for both residential and commercial properties

Forms were designed in accordance with the design & compliance requirements put forth by partner agencies

Form fields included complex calculations to measure inventor size and capacity. Configured the auto population of CRM with the customer responses

Development of the Deed of Purchase within Zoho automating tax calculation in the backend

Provided automated notifications to Customer and sales representative at every stage of the project lifecycle


  • Create a seamless customer experience through the project lifecycle
  • Auto population of data across forms prior thereby reducing manual intervention
  • Compliance with regulatory bodies who require submission of data in a prescribed format
  • Update CRM module with relevant customer information provided in the forms
  • Creation of Deed of Purchase with the key details of the transaction and tax calculation