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Thinking Big, But Starting Small.

How Redlands Private School, Sydney, leveraged RPA

The Challenge

Redlands is a coed, K to 12, private school in Sydney, Australia, with a history of academic excellence dating back to 1884. Managing accounts, payroll, school uniforms and canteen services mired the Finance Department in high volume transactions. This hampered the Finance team’s ability to focus on strategic and value adding activities including investigations, problem-solving and partnering with the business units to support faculty, students and parents.

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The Educational Landscape

The educational sector encompasses a broad range of institutions, each contributing significantly to shaping the future course of society. These institutions champion both personal and professional enrichment, and their evolution is an ongoing process. They are largely guided by technological progress and socio-economic dynamics. With the advent of online and mixed-mode learning, integration of technology in educational spaces, and a pronounced emphasis on experiential and bespoke learning, the sector has seen significant transformation. There’s an escalating focus on lifelong learning and the continuous development of skills in this swiftly evolving world. Despite facing challenges similar to other sectors, such as funding shortages, striving for enhanced access to quality education, and addressing educational inequities, the educational sector persists as a cornerstone of worldwide socio-economic development.

Critical Challenges Impacting the Education

The field of education is currently tackling many challenges. Steadily increasing operational expenses are causing substantial stress on already strained budgets, possibly restricting resources and impacting the quality of education and the condition of facilities. Institutions are also grappling with the task of integrating innovative technologies into their teaching methodologies, administrative duties, and comprehensive operations. Still, such integration is vital for these institutions to keep their relevance and efficiency in an increasingly digital economy. Beyond these challenges, there is a rising expectation for these bodies to uphold lifelong learning and support those aspiring for career shifts and constant personal and professional growth.

Educational institutions like schools and colleges have to deal with a lot of rules and regulations. These come from different levels of government, including local, state, and federal authorities. It’s a big job to keep up with all these rules and make sure they’re being followed. On top of that, these institutions have to protect a lot of personal student data. They need to make sure this information is kept safe and secure. And it’s not just about data security – they also need to make sure their campuses are safe places for students, staff, and anyone else who visits. The world of education is always changing. As things change and what students need from their education changes, schools and colleges have to make sure they’re still providing high-quality education. Another big challenge is managing student enrollment. This includes getting new students, keeping current students, and overseeing all of it. Plus, schools and colleges have to make sure students stay interested in their education. They need to encourage students to participate actively, not just in their classes but in all parts of school life.

Services that Bolster Education

Educational institutions can significantly advance their operations through the leverage of strategic consulting, digital transformation, and staff augmentation. Strategic consulting presents an external, impartial perspective, essential in developing and implementing effective strategies that not only enhance the institution’s efficacy but also illuminate new possibilities for growth. Digital transformation, through tools such as AI, ML, RPA, Conversational AI, and IDP, refines various institutional operations, making administrative tasks, facility maintenance, and educational delivery more efficient. Meanwhile, staff augmentation offers the flexibility to maintain a focus on core educational tasks while enhancing in-house capabilities with specialist skills as required, providing potential savings of up to 60%. These strategies can lead to significant enhancements in institutional processes and efficiency, conserve time, effort, and financial resources, and significantly contribute to the institution’s mission and overall effectiveness.

The Value of Valenta for Educational Institutions

Challenges for Educational Institutions

In an ever-evolving educational sector, Valenta can be a valuable strategic partner. We can help streamline processes and boost the effectiveness of educational institutions. We offer specialized services to address the unique challenges of these organizations. Valenta excels at recognizing and assessing the opportunities and threats inherent in rapid educational change, and we assist in the creation and implementation of successful strategies. Our commitment to providing robust returns on investment, cost-effective managed services, and flexible engagement models make us an invaluable ally. We lead institutions through digital transformation and encourage the incorporation of automation in their operations. We also offer adaptable staff augmentation options to cater to varying institutional needs. By applying our expertise in process consulting, digital transformation, and staff augmentation, we aim to elevate efficiency, foster the adoption of innovative technologies, and optimize operations, ensuring our partners prosper in a fast-paced educational environment.

How Valenta Can Assist The Educational Sector?

Valenta helps Educators deal with the macro changes taking place in their sector. Valenta can help with back office tasks and functions, facilities management as well as the delivery of student and educational services. Valenta can help drive improved bottom line results so that the maximum level of investment can be allocated to the core mission of education. Valenta can assist Educational Institutions in the following ways.



Educational Institutions cannot afford to waste time or have inefficiencies in their organizations. We look for waste in all processes and have staff available for process mapping, task mapping, and business optimization.

Repeatability, Execution


Excellence in execution is essential. Great ideas and goals are only the beginning. Successfully implementing new strategies, projects, and plans is the difference between success and failure. We help educators flawlessly execute.



Innovation is a key to success for all organizations. Competition, customers, and the economic environment are always changing. Innovation is how Educational Institutions can stay ahead of the competition and be where their students will be. We help our clients in this space to be nimble and stay ahead of the curve.



Developing and executing the right growth strategies is critical. Our Educational clients benefit from bringing in our expertise for hire. We can provide actionable strategies for our client companies plus detailed plans for how to get desired outcomes and results.


Digital Transformation

There is a growing need for Educational Institutions to automate and adapt to new technologies and ways of doing business. Yet having these skill sets in-house can be challenging. Valenta implements solutions such as RPA and Conversational-AI for businesses of all sizes at competitive pricing.



In today’s environment, a business grows or dies. One of the most painful challenges is sustainable and profitable growth. Our team of partners, consultants, developers, and back office staff can implement a myriad of growth strategies for Educational Institution clients.



The bottom line is crucial. Profits power innovation and both are key for our Educational clients. Valenta can identify opportunities for efficiency gains and can provide ROIs for all client projects.



If current Educational Institution staff are under-skilled or not able to fulfill the requirements of positions the Valenta team of educated and fully trained individuals can fill roles quickly and flexibly. Hiring is time-consuming and there are not always skills available within budget. Staff Augmentation can bridge the gap between requirements and economics.

Services Valenta Provides the Educational Sector



Valenta provides an end-to-end solution, from strategy to implementation. We specialize in turning strategies into measurable and sustainable results. We can assist organizations in this space streamline their back office, student and faculty management, order entry, billing, accounting, finance and HR processes for peak efficiency and the lowest cost. Savings generated can be devoted to better serving students and to help fund projects and innovation in this rapidly changing space. Valenta will look for ways to use AI and ML throughout educational organizations.

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Digital Transformation

Streamline workflows and improve productivity across educational organizations. We implement powerful tools to provide educators with an unparalleled competitive edge. Valenta Digital Transformation services can streamline back-office processes by leveraging RPA and Conversational AI. These same tools can be leveraged for students, faculty, and vendor engagement. ML and AI can be deployed as a service for a variety of educational workflows and use cases. All Valenta services are easy to scale up and ramp down. Digital transformation and AI can be of great value for educators.

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Staff Augmentation

Focus on delivering the best education to students, let us take care of the rest, save up to 60% on staffing costs. Educational organizations can outsource back office functions, IT roles, digital marketing, as well as business intelligence and big data roles, just to name a few. All roles can be filled quickly and cost-effectively so that the maximum amount of resources can be dedicated to the highest-value roles needed to deliver the best educational services.

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Find a Valenta Partner in Europe

Educational institutions across Europe can optimize their operations with Valenta’s specialized services. Our staff and partners are equipped with a deep understanding of the education sector, ready to provide tailored solutions. At Valenta, we aim to assist you in focusing on your core educational tasks by offering services such as process consulting, digital transformation, automation, and staff augmentation. We cater specifically to SMB clients, typically institutions with 10-1,000 employees. Our Managing Partners, spread across various cities in Europe, work with onshore and offshore consultants, developers, and managers to deliver top-tier services to our clients. To locate a Managing Partner in your region, please reach out here.

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