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Importance of REACH


REACH is the EU regulation governing the manufacture and import of chemical substances. REACH is an acronym for the “registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals”. It has been in force in all EU Member States since June 1, 2007. It also applies in Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway. REACH places responsibility on industry to manage the risks from chemicals and to provide safety information on substances. Manufacturers and importers are required to gather information on the properties of their chemical substances and to register that information in a central database in the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

REACH Takeaways

Complying with REACH is not always easy. Special skills and educational backgrounds are required to address REACH. Managing REACH can be a burden for midsized companies. It is even harder for smaller businesses. Valenta can solve for this and help turn REACH compliance and processes into an advantage.

Challenges for REACH

  • REACH provides for public safety but can be a burden for organizations to comply with and manage.
  • Midsized enterprises and smaller business especially can find it challenging to address REACH.
  • These businesses do not always have staff trained on REACH standards in house.
  • They may also not have team members with chemical degrees and backgrounds.
  • These personnel can be costly and hard to find and not always available in a local market.
  • Staying on top of REACH, how it changes year to year and evolves can also be a challenge.
  • Bringing in outside experts and services can often solve these issues.

REACH Staff Augmentation Services

Valenta works with clients requiring REACH compliance by offering REACH advice and staffing solutions.  Our staff augmentation service helps companies expand their efficiency, profits, and customer base and outreach without getting more staff on their payroll.  Valenta’s customers do not have to hire people to do REACH documentation and application work.  This helps businesses put the right people on the right jobs.  Anything related to REACH compliance can be outsourced to staff who has experience in this area.  Important existing team members who may have not worked on REACH compliance previously are now freed up to work on what they were meant to be focused on.  REACH compliance and management is an administrative task, and these tasks are best delegated.

Valenta REACH staff augmentation services provides the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy access to staff with post graduate degrees in chemistry and versed in REACH processes.
  • A Valenta HR team to locate resources and manage them, plus a recruitment team able to quickly ramp up as required.
  • Full-time professional resources available with multilingual skills able to deal with all the languages spoken in the EU.

Valenta Staffing Solutions for REACH

REACH staff augmentation services can get specialized skills into a business quickly.  Staff familiar with REACH and having chemical degrees are not always easy to find.  Staff augmentation and consulting solves for this.  Outsourcing for REACH can help address new requirements for skills or for increased capacity requirements.  Staff augmentation arrangements are flexible by nature and can be ramped up and down very easily.  REACH outsourcing can serve as a bridge for businesses who want to hire their own REACH staff.  We find that with many of our clients having one or two experts on REACH in-house combined with our staff offshore is it common model.  


REACH Processes and Workflows

REACH impacts a wide variety of businesses across many sectors. Exporters to the EU/EEA require professional assistance to ensure compliance with their REACH obligations and register their products. Outsourced REACH compliance expertise like Valenta can bring this and be invaluable. Our REACH compliance solutions and services follow industry standards and methodology.

The below is an example standard process and workflow.

Contact Us to Learn More About Staffing Solutions for REACH

As business address the regulations of REACH, the strategic implementation of staff augmentation services can be a game changer.  REACH staff augmentation is a solution that can make compliance and management of REACH easier.  Outsourced REACH compliance expertise not only simplifies the REACH process but also provides businesses with the agility, expertise, and cost-efficiency needed to be competitive.  With staffing solutions for REACH, companies can transform the challenge of REACH compliance into an advantage and an opportunity for growth and efficiency.  Staffing solutions for REACH ensure that their users remain at the forefront of chemical safety and their respective industries.

Please reach out here if you would like to learn more about staffing solutions for REACH and outsourced REACH compliance expertise.

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